Should you design for mobile devices? Android™, iOS, tvOS or all? Native or HTML5 or hybrid type application? What framework should be chosen? We at Gratif will sit and walk together with you to provide expert inputs to help you navigate the dense jungle of mobile technology. We believe each individual platform and framework has their own strengths and weaknesses, hence we understand the importance of being objective.


To many, Information Technology and Information System are just about programming. In actual fact, delivering information so that the intended audience able to get your message clearly is a combination of art and science. From the back-end to middleware to the front-end of mobile applications, all components have to be tightly integrated with proper design and architecture enabling them to run like a well-oiled machine.

Project Management

Managing project is not easy, especially when involving resources from different organisations across multiple geographies. That is why Gratif provides the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to ensure the projects are executed effectively and efficiently according to their requirements. A well-managed project translates to achievable business goals; benefiting you, our clients, to be more competitive in the global playing field.


Curiosity, imagination, and ingenuity fuel innovation. Gratif always encourages continuous exploration and learning of new ideas, concepts and cutting edge technology. Want us to try the unknown? Sign us up! We are more than happy to perform collaborative research efforts to discover a new breakthrough, from the areas of mobile applications to web to enterprise to finance to education, or maybe even to find a cure for a disease!


Any ideas, plans or designs are not useful without a successful implementation. Gratif has experience in mobile application development for various platforms regardless of Android, iOS, tvOS or the web. We are equipped with state-of-the-art frameworks and development tools to improve productivity and shorten development time. Last but not least, we incorporate testing and quality assurance as a part of development process.


One of the most important stage, deployment is when the mobile application or solution is truly tested in the actual operating environment. Our activities usually involve deployment into a hosted or cloud server, release into the app store for public or enterprise distribution platform, production of user and training manuals, conducting user trainings, and sometimes even pitching to interested parties. Upon agreement we also provide support and call centres when needed.

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